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Riihimäen keskuskirkko / Riihimäki central church


Riihimäen kirkko valmistui vuonna 1905 ja sitä on laajennettu vuonna 1927. 
Kirkossa on 630 istumapaikkaa.  Lue enemmän

The church was completed in 1905 and was expanded in 1927. The church has 630 seats.

Kirkko sijaitsee mäellä, ja tässä on yhdet portaat sinne.
The church is located on a hill, and here is one of the steps to get there.

Näkymä pääkadulle.
View of the main street.

The central church was built with funds collected voluntarily from people living in Riihimäki and with the support of the National Railway Board. The church was completed in 1905.
The church’s first 11-stop organ was completed in 1906. The present 26-stop organ dates from 1978. The choir recess with its columns forms a “Heaven’s gate” theme. The wooden crucifix on the altar wall is the work of artist Hannes Autere.

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  1. That is a huge, and very beautiful church.

  2. That church looks delicate

  3. Beautiful wooden church.

  4. Es una iglesia moderna y con buenos asientos, para los actos religiosos.
    Un abrazo.

  5. Beautiful church and what a lovely pipe organ.

  6. Una iglesia encantadora.
    Muchos besos.

  7. He estado en iglesias de mas reciente construcción y me parecen mas austeras que esa.
    Me gusta ese tipo de asientos que semejan sillones individuales.



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