maanantai 20. marraskuuta 2023

Joko talvi saapui? / Either winter arrived?

Saatiin talvi ja lunta. Ja lisää lunta on luvassa.
Pakkasta on n. -2 C, mutta esim Lapissa on ollut jo -30 C.

We got winter and snow. And more snow is on the way.
The frost in South-Finland (where I live) is about -2 C, but for example in Lapland (Northern Finland) it has already been -30 C.  I think it would be terrible, but people who live in the north are probably used to the cold.

Putkirempan aiheuttama sekasotku kadulla on saatu jo lähes siivottua. Tuntuu oudolta.

The mess on the street caused by the pipe repair has almost been cleaned up. Feels strange.


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  1. I don't think that anywhere in my country ever gets to minus 30. Stay warm, stay safe.

  2. Por aquí tan solo anuncian nieve en las montañas por encima de los 1500 msnm.
    Estamos sufriendo unas amplias variaciones de temperatura.


  3. Si esos síntomas lo viera por aquí, diría que estamos en pleno invierno. Buenas imágenes, de esa ciudad nevada.
    Un abrazo.


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