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Seurasaari / Open air museum island 3/3 # Kirkko / The Church


Karunan vanha kirkko on 1685 valmistunut puukirkko, joka siirrettiin 1912 Helsingin Seurasaaren ulkomuseoon. Se on ulkomuseon vanhin rakennus. Kirkon rakennutti Karunan kartanon omistaja, vapaaherra Arvid Horn af Åminne. 

Karuna’s old church is a wooden church completed in 1685, which was moved to Helsinki’s Seurasaari outdoor museum in 1912. It is the oldest building in the outdoor museum. The church was built by the owner of the Karuna manor, free lord Arvid Horn af Åminne. 

Rakennusmestari Anders Wahlbergin suunnittelema kellotapuli valmistui vuonna 1767.
The belfry designed by master builder Anders Wahlberg was completed in 1767.

Varmasti joskus olisi jalkapuista apua kotonakin, vai...?
Surely sometimes it would be useful to be a foot tree at home as well...?
(I don't know the English name of this device.)

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  1. Wow. I wonder whether the last image more often had heads rather than feet enclosed in those holes. They look like stocks to me.

  2. Lovely to see, never seen anything like that before.

  3. Es muy bonita la iglesia. Se ve que los niños selo pasan en grande, rodeados de Naturaleza.
    Un abrazo

  4. Beautiful wooden church in the scandinavian wood building tradition.

  5. Una iglesia que al ser de madera uno no puede imaginarse de o verla en directo o en fotos como las que nos dejas que pueda ser tan bella.
    Quizás como nos dices ese "cepo" no estaría mal para que durante un rato estén tranquilos.


  6. The interior is very different from what I'm used to.


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